Oct 16, 2020

How to Refill Quilling Glue Bottles - Quick, Easy and No Spilling!

How to Refill Quilling Glue Bottle Tutorial

Refilling Glue from Large to Fine Tip Bottles

A common problem paper crafters face when refilling glue from a large bottle to a fine tip bottle, is the dreaded air bubble.

Even though my quilling glue bottle is empty, the air is trapped because the glue covers the opening, so you need to "burp" the air out before more glue can be refilled. If you don't expect it to happen, the glue can overflow onto your desk, making a huge mess.

Quilling glue bottle overflows

Here is my simple technique to fixing this problem:

  • Step 1: Get a plastic container (ex. sour cream) and place it under the bottle to be refilled. If you spill, there's less to clean up.
  • Step 2: Squeeze the empty bottle to push the air out. The amount you squeeze tells you how much room you have for refilling.
  • Step 3: As you pour glue from the large bottle, trapping the air, release your fingers and suck the glue into the fine tip quilling bottle. You can safely refill with no spill!
Quilling glue bottle - how to prevent glue spilling

Refilling Glue from Large to Medium Bottles

When refilling from a large (16 oz) to medium bottle (4 oz), the natural tendency is to hold the bottle openings close to each other, to prevent any overspill.

However, if you look at the stream of glue, you'll see it's wide near the opening, and tapers as it pours.

  • Tip 1: My method is to hold the openings about 2 inches apart. I can even squeeze the larger bottle and force more glue out, without worrying about the glue spilling because of the way it narrows as it falls.
  • Tip 2: If you have challenges holding your bottle steady as you pour, try stacking some books as high as you need, then resting your bottle on top of the books to help keep the stream steady.
  • Tip 3: When you are finished refilling, brush the two openings against each other to stop the stream, as you tilt the large bottle up.
Quilling glue bottle - how to pour

Customize Your Aleene’s Glue Nozzle from a Pinhole up to 3/16 inches

Did you know you can customize your Aleene’s glue nozzle? You can choose how fast you want that stream of glue to flow, like I did with my 16 oz bottle. A new nozzle has a small protrusion at the tip and you can’t squeeze any glue out just yet. Here are the steps to customize it:


  • Trim off the protrusion using an x-acto knife. Use a thumbtack to pierce the middle of the nozzle, making a perfect pinhole. The thumbtack has the perfect flat surface for you to push against.
  • Pros: This pinhole nozzle can be used to smear the glue stream, because the nozzle tip is relatively large and flat.
  • Cons: This pinhole nozzle can't make as fine a stream of glue as my fine tip quilling bottle

Enlarge your Nozzle

Refill your glue faster by cutting the nozzle exactly the size you want.

  • 1/16 inch
  • 1/8 inch
  • 3/16 inch (Note: only cut this far if you are finished using all the glue, or else the cover can't be capped back on)

Quilling glue bottle - how to customize nozzle size

Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue

I love this bottle! I remember doing a little dance of joy in the aisles at Michael's when I found Aleene's Always Ready Tacky Glue bottle! Here's why:

  • The nozzle is at the bottom, so the glue is "always ready" to be used.
  • The 1/16 inch nozzle is tapered, so it's very easy to control to make a fine stream of glue.
  • The cap has a protrusion to prevent clogging and it works well!

Aleene's Always Ready Glue Bottle

I use this bottle when I want to smear my glue puddles for quilling. Why would I smear my glue puddles? Watch this video for Quilling Glue Basics:

Elmer's Glue Nozzles

Some quillers enjoy using Elmer's glue, which already has tapered nozzle. Your hand can go numb trying to squeeze the glue through that small hole when refilling.

Try this instead:

  • Place tweezer prongs on either side of the nozzle cap (Elmer's School Glue 7.63 oz shown in video)
  • Pry the nozzle cap up to expose an inner nozzle of a 1/4 inch diameter
  • The glue will pour out on either side of the triangular piece used preventing clogging
  • When you're done, simply place the cap back on and push down firmly to snap it back in place
  • If you want to put the large nozzle from Aleene's onto an Elmer's bottle, simply swap them! Most nozzles between Aleene's and Elmer's are interchangeable (the Elmer's 1.25 fl oz glue bottle is smaller and won't fit the Aleene's bottles).

Elmer's Glue Bottle - How to pour and refill glue

Easy Fill Glue Bottle Nozzles

If you don’t want to trim your nozzle, you can buy a 3D printed nozzle from Ana of Her Paper Paradise, from her Etsy shop. The Easy Fill Glue Bottle Nozzle is 1/4 inch (7 mm) wide and allows you to refill from both Aleene's and Elmer's bottles.

Easy Fill Glue Bottle Nozzle

Jul 31, 2020

Mini Unicorn Pegasus Party Favor Gift Box - SVG Cut Files Pattern and Tutorial

Mini Unicorn / Pegasus Party Favor Gift Box - SVG Cut Files Pattern and Tutorial

Mini Unicorn / Pegasus Party Favor Gift Box - SVG Cut Files Pattern and Tutorial

You can make a special girl’s unicorn dreams come true – or pegasus, or winged unicorn!
After cutting these adorable gift boxes with an SVG cutting machine, they can be party decorations, or even a cake topper.

You can stuff these party favors with sweets or treats, then give them to your guests to thank them for coming to your party, and then they keep them as a souvenir of your special event.

Mini Unicorn Party Favor Gift Box - Candy

Enlarge my SVG cutting files by 110%, cut it out of 12x12 card stock, and you can fit a gift card in the body. If you have 11x17 inch or tabloid size card stock, enlarge it by 135%, and you can turn a mini unicorn or pegasus party favor box into a center piece, and stuff even more goodies inside.

Mini Unicorn Pegasus Party Favor Gift Box - Candy

Materials Needed

Optional Tools

Watch the trailer here:

Mini Unicorn Pegasus Party Favor Gift Box

Jul 3, 2020

Slotted vs Needle Quilling Tool - How to Use and Why

Slotted vs Needle Quilling Tools - how to use and why

Slotted vs Needle Quilling Tools - How to Use and Why

What's the difference between these two tools, and which one should you get, and more importantly, why? The answers to all these questions are shown in my latest tutorial video, and I'll be breaking down the steps to achieve success with either tool.

Slotted Quilling Tool Tips:

  • Slip your strip into the slot, aligning the paper end to your tool (no overhang)
  • Turn your handle; either left or right, whichever direction feels comfortable
  • Use your index fingers to keep edge aligned
  • Use your thumb to apply gentle pressure against the coil to prevent unravelling
  • PUSH the finished coil off, never PULL the coil, or else you'll get a tornado
  • Flatten the coil to align the edges before allowing it to unwind
  • Slotted quilling tools will show a crimp in the middle, but you can hide it by inserting a needle tool, and rubbing the crimp until it's smoother

Needle Quilling Tool Tips:

  • Press the needle against the paper into your index finger
  • Rub the paper with your thumb and the friction will make the paper wind around the needle until it catches itself
  • If your fingers are dry, moisten very lightly to achieve friction, which will help the paper catch
  • Flatten the coil to align the edges before allowing it to unwind
  • Needle quilling tools will have a smooth innermost coil

Jul 2, 2020

Unicorn Party Favor (Work in Progress)

Unicorn Party Favor Gift Box

Sneak Peak of Unicorn Party Favor

I can't help it. I have lots of projects I know I should be working on, but this little unicorn keeps stealing my attention. It's not finished yet, because I keep making improvements. The way I make the unicorn horn is so simple now, after many failed attempts, but it's finally straight, strong, and evenly spiralled. I'm so smitten with my unicorn, I even take it to bed with me to admire before I fall asleep. It can hold lots of treats and can be cut from just 3 sheets of letter-size card stock. True fact – when I was a little girl, I dreamed of and drew many horses and unicorns (yes, pegasus too).

I wanted to give you a peak at what's on my craft table, and to let you know I'm still thinking of you all, even if I haven't been posting as much since self isolating. I want desperately to film more tutorials, but my day job as a graphic designer revolves around health care forms, which has included Covid 19. So I've been working overtime and don't have the energy to put in the extra hours needed to post as often as I'd like.

I want you to know that I have been stockpiling all your questions on my blog and YouTube channel, so please keep them coming. I try to think of ways to show and explain my process, and break down my steps for you. Thank you for your patience and encouragement.

Keep calm, keep safe, and craft on!

Jun 27, 2020

Elastic Band & Hair Tie Organizer

elastic band hair tie organizer diy template

Organize Your Elastic Bands or Hair Ties

Since self isolating at home, I've had more time to look around my space. I used to store my elastic bands in a heap and it took too long to sort out the exact one I wanted. Now I simply glance at my stash, pick out the one I want, and move on with my next task. I used the same concept to organize my hair ties and now both areas are simply tidy! It truly gives me joy to look at these tame bands when it used to be a mess.

Click the word DOWNLOAD to access a compressed folder for:

  • SVG file (using a Cricut or Silhouette cutting machine)

  • PDF file (to cut by hand)

Follow the assembly tutorial here: