Dec 12, 2018

Quilling Snowflakes - Free Pattern and Tutorial

quilling snowflake pattern template card

Quilling Snowflakes - Free Pattern and Tutorial

Do you want to make a quick and easy snowflake? It's easy to line everything up using my free pattern and template.

As with all my patterns, you can simply lay your strip on top of my template and cut it to the right length – no rulers needed!

Quilling Snowflake Grid Pattern Template Tutorial

Quilling Snowflake Template - Free Pattern

Quilling Snowflake SVG Pattern

Quilling Snowflake Template - Free SVG Files

Quilling an Arctic Snowflake

I first offered my free snowflake pattern and quilling tutorial back in 2015, and decided to update the content by making a video to show you the process I go through. 

I also wanted to offer the SVG cut files to fellow hybrid crafters, like me, who love to combine quilling AND die cutting!

quilling snowflake pattern circle template

Circle Templates

In this video, I also explain why I have foam squares on the bottom of my dollar store circle template.

Quilled Creations Circle Template Board comparison

Circle Template Board

Although I have the Quilled Creations Circle Template Board, there are some pros and cons.

Quilling Shape Direction

Quilling Shape Direction

Did you know quilling shapes have a direction? Find out my method of remembering which way to face them.

Quilling Snowflake Grid Assembly Tutorial

Snowflake Grid

Take the guesswork out of making snowflakes by simply following my pattern.

Neenah Stardream Text Paper

Neenah Stardream Metallic Text Weight Paper

At the time I filmed this video, I'm using a color called Bluebell by Neenah Papers. However, I was dismayed to learn it's been discontinued. You can still find it in some online stores or other colors on Amazon. I love the weight of this paper because it's slightly thicker than conventional quilling paper, but still supple enough for quilling.

I want to know if there are lots of HYBRID crafters out there! Please type HYBRID in the comments of my video to tell me I'm not alone in the love of combining both quilling and die cutting! I currently use a Cricut Explore Air to cut my quilling strips.

Thank you all for following me on an amazing year of quilling and paper crafting! I hope you get to slow down and savour the small moments with loved ones this holiday season!


  1. Pretty, Cecelia! Thanks for making the video; so many good tips. I hope you'll have a wonderful holiday season too.

    1. Thrilled to hear you enjoyed it Ann! Thanks so much for all your encouragement and insights this past year!

  2. Replies
    1. Sim, eu vendo livros, obrigado por perguntar!

      Eu vendo 3 e-books sobre Quilling Letters and Numbers na minha loja Etsy aqui:

      Eu também escrevi o livro Pretty Quilled Cards aqui:

      Yes, I do sell books, thank you for asking!

      I sell 3 e-books about Quilling Letters and Numbers in my Etsy shop here:

      I have also written the book Pretty Quilled Cards here:


  3. Hi Cecelia,
    I am a Hybrid. Very new to quilling. I have recently started quilling only to learn that my late sister also enjoyed it.

    1. Awesome - another HYBRID! Welcome to the world of quilling. That's amazing that you've discovered this shared interest with her. I think that would make all your quilling projects extra special.

  4. Hi Cecelia,
    I'm a beginner, making snowstorms of snowflakes and enjoying your instructions and original ideas to explore. I'm quite frustrated by the vagueness of advice everywhere about the weight of paper to look for. I understand it will vary by project, but for a basic hang-alone snowflake what do you recommend? Most of the assortments of strips available 1) don't specify weight and 2) weight seems to vary by color within one assortment...

    1. Hello there and welcome to quilling! I'm happy to hear you're enjoying my quilling tutorials.

      I prefer using thicker paper if I'm going to hang a snowflake as an ornament, so I would prefer to use something as thick as 160 gsm / 90 lb text weight, like Canson Mi-Teintes paper. I buy mine at a local fine art supply store.

      You are correct - it's vague information out there because there is no right answer. It's completely up to the quiller to decide what they like working with.

      If you are gluing the snowflake down to a card, then it has the support of the backing, so you can use conventional quilling paper, which is quite thin, almost similar to the paper used in a photocopier. Since you want to hang it as an ornament and have no backing, then you'd need thicker paper to stay in shape with more structure.

      The weights are not usually shown in online stores because thicker paper has only recently been offered. That's why I have had to cut my own.

      I hope that helps you and thank you for asking your questions.

  5. Hi I have just done an Apple Pay for £0 and it’s downloaded your files but it’s all just a load of letters, number & characters like the file is corrupt. Can you please help me?

    1. Hi there, I can't contact you since you didn't leave an email address.