Feb 25, 2020

Quilling Strip Sheet Organizer - step-by-step tutorial and free pattern

quilling strip sheet organizer - tutorial and free pattern

Quilling Strip Sheet Organizer

Easily organize your quilling paper strips by sewing a single sheet protector. In my latest step-by-step DIY tutorial video, I'll show you how to keep long, medium, and short quilling strips separated, yet together, neatly organized for storage in a binder or on your desk.

Please note this organizing method is ideal for 11" strips. The paper I'm showing here is Canson Mi-Tientes, which I've cut myself into 1/4" width. The thickness is considerably thicker than conventional quilling paper.

quilling strip sheet organizer - tutorial and free pattern

Quilling Paper Strips - Cut by Hand

Materials Needed

plastic sheet protector
• a printer and a cardstock
• metal ruler
• scoring tool
• x-acto knife
• sewing machine


  1. Download my template and print onto card stock. Insert it into the plastic sleeve protector.
  2. Lightly score across the vertical columns to give yourself a sewing guide.
  3. Using a ruler, lightly cut across the horizontal line and freehand cut the curved lines, going all the way to the edge. Remove the template.
  4. Use a pen to mark where your cut lines meet the edge of the sheet protector.
  5. Insert the template back into the sleeve, facing the back, upside down. Match up the template to the pen marks.
  6. Cut along the horizontal line and freehand cut the curved lines. Remove the template. Continue the cut lines all the way to the edges to separate the top third from the bottom.
  7. Flip the top third over, matching the top edge to the bottom edge.
  8. Sew the two middle columns, then the two outer columns. Finally sew along the 3 edges and bottom.
  9. Insert your quilling strips, and admire how easily this organizer keeps long, medium, and short strips together yet separated.


Brand: Canson, Mi-Tientes
Weight: 98 lb / 160 gsm (heftier than standard quilling paper)
Width: 1/4” (I cut them myself using a Cricut Explore)
Sheet Size: 8½ × 11” or 19 × 25” from fine art stores
Amazon Affiliate Link: http://amzn.to/2zpVAg2
Watch how to cut your own strips: https://youtu.be/Lq_oHsARmU0


  1. Oh my goodness, Cecelia. This is awesome! I won't be using this exactly, but you have so confirmed something I was thinking the other day! I use sideload page protectors that I then stand into magazine storage boxes laid on their side. These boxes hold color groups (reds, pinks, greens, blues, etc) and line my quilling area. The page protector holds long strips, short strips, all length strips and it is a mess to dig out the smaller strips. Now I will add a few short places on one end of the protector! I'm also sharing this on the North American Quilling Guild member only facebook page!

    1. Hey Lisa - we're on the same page - hahahhahaha pun intended! Yay! Happy to hear you'll be able to add this to your great solution. Thanks so much for shouting out my tutorial. I hope it helps all our birds nests!

  2. This tute is really great. Thank you for sharing. I am new to quilling, but am so anxious to set up a tidy and organized area so that I can get right into the process. This sheet organizer is definitely a great organizing tool.

    1. Welcome to the world of quilling Cindy - great to have you join us! I'm happy to hear you're inspired to jump in!


  3. What a fantastic idea! I have been wanting to find a way to store my quilling supplies. Do you by any chance have a downloadable template for A3 plastic sleeves?

    Thank you once again!


    1. Hi Davs, glad you like my idea! Here is a version that is closer to A3 size: https://youtu.be/swkHlzAZzZ4