Quilling Letters

Learn easy techniques to become a confident quiller! Watch free tutorial videos and follow the pre-measured pattern.

Quilling Capital Letters and Monograms

START with Outlining the Letter A

Quilling Letter A Template - Free Pattern

Download FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print PDF files:

Quilling Letter A: Filling with Simple Scrolls

Uppercase Letter B: Roses and Leaves

Uppercase Letter C: Scrolls and Gift Tag - Template

Uppercase Letters DEF: How to make a word or name

Uppercase Letter G: Teardrops and 5x7 Card - Template

Uppercase Letters H and I: Comment Bubble Notecard - Template

Uppercase Letter J: Quilling with a Colored Background

Uppercase Letter K: Negative Spaces

Uppercase Letter L: Cut Coil Flowers

Uppercase Letter M and N: Multi-strip Scrolls

Uppercase Letter O: Floral Wreath

Uppercase Letter P: Beehive Scrolls and Poodle Template

Uppercase Letter Q: Queen of Diamonds Template and Vortex Coils

Uppercase Letter R: 3D Roses

Uppercase Letter S: Stars with Pattern and Template

Uppercase Letter T: Tulips Pattern

Uppercase Letter U: Lavender Leaves

Uppercase Letter V: Variegated Leaves

Uppercase Letter W: Symmetrical Leaves

Uppercase Letter X: Pine Cone and Needles Tutorial

Uppercase Letter Y: Tracing a Mandala Pattern

Uppercase Letter Z: Dragonfly Pattern Tutorial

Quilling Letter B Monogram Quilling Letter C Monogram Quilling Letter D E F Monogram 
Quilling Letter G Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter H I Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter J Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter K Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter L Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter M N Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter O Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter P Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter Q Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter R Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter S Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter T Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter U Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter V Monogram Tutorial Pattern Quilling Letter W Monogram Tutorial Pattern 

Quilling Lowercase Letters - Tutorial Videos

Lowercase Letter a:Free Pattern Template and Peacock Feather Tutorial

Lowercase Letter b

Lowercase Letter c

Lowercase Letter d

Lowercase Letter e

Lowercase Letter f

Lowercase Letter g

Lowercase Letter h

Lowercase Letter i

Lowercase Letter j

Lowercase Letter k

Lowercase Letter l: no video will be made due to simplicity

Lowercase Letter m

Lowercase Letter n

Lowercase Letter o: see Uppercase Letter O

Lowercase Letter p

Lowercase Letter q: see Lowercase Letter p 

Lowercase Letter r

Lowercase Letter s

Lowercase Letter t

Lowercase Letter u

Lowercase Letter v: see Uppercase Letter V

Lowercase Letter w
 see Uppercase Letter W

Lowercase Letter x: see Uppercase Letter X

Lowercase Letter y

Lowercase Letter z:
 see Uppercase Letter Z

Quilling Numbers

13 Patterns and Templates for How to Quill Numbers and More

Download a FREE template and pattern for quilling the Number 1

Quilling Phrases

If you have a favorite quote, type it into my PDF and start quilling it! Follow pre-measured patterns for upper and lower case letters, and 3 floral patterns.


  1. Do you sell your letter and number pattern books in hard copy?
    I really love your work.

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      I'm so glad you that question. I only supply my books in digital format because my project examples on YouTube show tracing on top of them, re-sizing them, cutting them up, etc, so I would be mortified if I ever did that to a real book. The file can be sent to a local printer such as Kinko's or Staples to print it out as many times as you need. I hope you'll still find it worthwhile to go to that effort.


  2. Hola, buenas noches gracias por tú blogs, me ha sido muy útil, he aprendido mucho, desde Trujillo, ciudad capital en la República Bolivariana de Venezuela, saludos

    1. Hola desde Vancouver, Canadá! Gracias por dejarme una buena nota hoy. Me alegra saber que mi blog te es útil. ¿Eres nuevo en Quilling?

      Hello from Vancouver, Canada! Thank you for leaving me a nice note today. It makes me happy to hear that my blog is useful to you. Are you new to quilling?


  3. Cecelia,
    I just love your videos, the way you explain things, and your voice is so calm and soothing! I'm excited to start my first Quilling project! I'm going to make the letter "S" for my dear friend, Samah. We work together at an Elementary school together. I'm a special education teacher and Samah is our schools Speech Pathologies. I could ask for a better co-worker, friend and sister-from-another mother ;0) I'll send a picture to you when I'm done - her birthday is May 20th!!!! I better get started now!!!
    Peace, Kellyann

    1. Welcome to the world of quilling Kellyann! What a wonderful gift to give someone you care about so much. I think it's just the best thing when you can show how much you appreciate someone, and can give them something as personal as this. Thank you for all your kind words - you totally made my day! I love hearing how people like to gift their quilling. Have fun!