Jul 30, 2021

My Top 10 Basic Quilling Tools for Beginners

Quilling Tools - Top 10 Basic Tools

If you’re new to quilling and you’re shopping for supplies, it can get confusing and expensive! There are so many more options than when I first started quilling in 2006. You don’t have to buy expensive quilling tools or supplies to get started in quilling.

Here are my top 10 basic quilling tools for beginners that I’ve used since 2006. You can use this list as a reference to build your own quilling kit. 

1. Slotted Quilling Tool

2. Needle Quilling Tool (or toothpick / chenille needle)

3. Crochet hook (for on edge quilling of thicker 160 gsm paper)

4. Glue: Aleene’s Tacky Glue / Elmer’s Glue All

5. Fine Tip glue bottle (or yogurt lid toothpick) 

6. Shot glass and damp tissue

7. Fine Tip Tweezers

8. Reverse grip tweezers

9. Circle template

10. Plastic cards

➡️   MY TOOLS: https://kit.co/PaperZen

  Watch the video: https://youtu.be/_KBtIlJfBOE

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