May 3, 2021

Interview with Charlotte of The Quilling Quarter

I had great fun chatting with Charlotte Marshall of The Quilling Quarter recently. Her thoughtful questions and insightful connections helped me see my work with a new perspective.

She's a natural interviewer and I've been enjoying meeting her previous quilling artists on her YouTube Channel, so I was honored to be given her spotlight.

She took so much time to research the directions my crafting has taken me, what inspired me to start down this path, and where it's led. 

I love how she's sharing what she's learning along her discovery of quilling, her thoughts about her progression. Seeing someone talk about their discovery reminds me of the thrill of the hunt, and gets me inspired once again.

She also reviewed my latest e-book, Quilling Phrases. I love how she showed her progression with quilled typography, and what she learned along the way. 

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