Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Quilling Letter S and How to Make Stars Tutorial

Quilling Letter S Tutorial and How to Make Stars

Learn how to Quill the Letter S and How to Make Stars on Edge

Learn how to outline the Letter S using on edge quilling techniques. This time I’m quilling onto black card stock to make yellow stars shine in a starry night.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Paper Mushroom Party Favor Gift Box - SVG File for cutting with Cricut Explore or Silhouette Machine

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette

Paper Mushroom Party Favor Gift Box - SVG File

A friend of mine loves mushrooms and every time we go for a hike, we’re on the lookout for them along the trails. 

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette - Gift Card

So I made this box for her and put a gift card inside, along with some chocolates and a lip balm for super sunny days. Afterwards, she can use it to store paper clips and keep it to decorate her office desk.

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette - Gnome

It was so fun to personalize the stem with a gnome, a door, a window and grass. The gnome is layered, so his beard and moustache really look dimensional!

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette - Clips

Of course, a single mushroom can get lonely, so I gave it a little friend. It's not big enough to put a gift card inside, but it's so sweet to see a mini-me on a desk, and it can hold items like paper clips. It's reduced 75% of the larger mushroom, but of course, when you have a cutter, you can ask it to make anything as small as you like.

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette - Message

What's a gift without a heartfelt message? When they peek under the roof, they'll see your writing there.

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette - Measurements

It's a good size and fits in your hand quite comfortably.

Paper Mushroom Gift Box SVG File for Cricut Explore Silhouette - Mock Ups

It took me quite a few tries to make this fun fungi, and my room was a forest of shrooms when I finally got the tabs just right. For me, it's a fevered quest that gets more frenzied the closer I get to knowing I'm almost there, but not quite.

You can watch the trailer here, and the SVG file is available in my Etsy shop.

Friday, June 1, 2018

Quilling Numbers E-book, 13 Patterns and Templates for Quilling Numbers and More

 Quilling Number E-book Birthday Card

Quilling Numbers E-book for Birthday Cards

Are you celebrating a friend’s birthday? Or commemorating a special anniversary? Or maybe you’re helping a bride and groom make their wedding day unforgettable.

All these memorable moments in life are marked in numbers. If you’d like to start quilling numbers, add punctuation marks, or quill an ampersand, then I’ve made this book just for you.

Just like my previous book, Quilling Letters, you don’t have to use a ruler to measure anything. Just lay your strip on top of my template, then score and snip where indicated. Each segment has a corresponding number matching the template so you can follow along easily.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Quilling Letter R and How to Make 3D Roses Tutorial

Quilling Letter R How To Quilling Tutorial

Quilling Letter R 3D Monogram

It's easy to use quilling techniques to make a 3D monogram! They're great to customize a greeting card and impress your friends and family.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Quilling Letter Q Tutorial - Queen of Diamonds Vortex Coils

Quilling Vortex coils tutorial and pattern

Quilling Tutorial: Queen of Diamonds Vortex Coils (with Mi-Teintes paper)

Canson Mi-Teintes paper is considerably thicker than conventional quilling paper, so you can't use the same methods to make the popular vortex coils. 

Thank you, Licia Politis, for inventing the hypnotizing Vortex Coils!

Quilling Vortex coils tutorial and pattern

In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to handle the bulkier coil so you can easily achieve the entrancing coils.

Quilling Vortex coils tutorial and pattern

I'm happy to say the method of gluing the coils together still works, regardless of the type of paper used.

Quilling Letter Q tutorial

Download my free template to make the crown and jewels you see here. 

Subscribe to my YouTube channel and learn how to make Letter Q and Vortex Coils

My thanks to Minieco for the free paper diamonds pattern, used as props here:

Friday, May 4, 2018

Quilling Tutorial - Vortex Coils

quilling tutorial vortex coils

Quilling Tutorial: How to make Vortex Coils

Learn how easy it is to make these mesmerizing coils, invented by Licia Politis. My latest video tutorial showcases making them with standard 1/8" width quilling paper.

quilling tutorial vortex coils unwinding

How to Quickly Unwind the Innermost Coils of the Vortex

Sure, you can poke and prod the innermost coils of the vortex, coaxing them into the mesmerizing swirls we're all after, but what if we did it in a more efficient (ahem, LAZY!!!) way, using a miniature screwdriver?

quilling tutorial vortex coils gluing

How to Handle Glue Tornadoes

Ever experience a twister (shown on the right)? I'll show you how to tame those dreaded tornadoes with an easy, breezy method.

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Quilling for Beginners - Basic Shapes

Quilling for Beginners Basic Shapes

No tools? No problem!

If you've just fallen in love with quilling, have no supplies, and just want to have a taste of quilling before diving in, then this video is made just for you.

Use a round toothpick and whatever paper you have on hand to make basic shapes. Learn how fun it is to create these entrancing pieces.

Of all the crafts I've played with over the years, quilling is the least expensive, yet I can express so much.

How to make your own quilling paper - template

Download my template to make your own quilling strips:

Quilling for beginners - how to make basic shapes

Download a worksheet and follow along with me as I show you how to make basic shapes in my YouTube video.

After you've dipped your toe into quilling, and you want to take your first steps, I always recommend the Klutz Twirled Paper book because it comes with paper, a slotted tool, glue, and so many fun and fantastic examples of quilling suitable for both boys and girls of any age (especially adult-age!). It was my first book, and still my favorite referral for anyone quilling for the first time.

Klutz Twirled Paper Book

Friday, April 6, 2018

Quilling Letter P Tutorial - How to quill beehive scrolls

how to quilling letter p and how to quill beehive technique

How to quill the letter P, beehive scrolls, and freehand drawings – this video is jam packed with helpful insights!

I wanted to make a picture dictionary so you can replace the letter P with any letter from my book, Quilling Letters. Swap out the poodle for any other drawing to customize your own picture dictionary project.

Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Mail Quilling and Other Box Storage Ideas

How to Mail Quilled Cards

How to mail quilled cards

That's a question I get quite often. The very nature of quilling means we want to protect it from any rough handling, so how do you present or mail it to someone without ruining all your hard work?

Hand Delivering Quilled Cards

If I’m giving my card in person, I use a stiff jewelry box (affiliate link):

Mailing Quilling Box

Mailing Quilled Cards

The postal service is notably rough on packages. So I surround my jewelry box with crumpled paper, and put it inside a corrugated box. This way it has protection from conveyor belts, dropping, and other types of rough handling.

Divided Chocolate Box for Quilling Snowflakes

Divided Boxes for Quilling Components (ex. Snowflakes)

I save chocolate boxes because they have divided sections, and the cardboard is very stiff. A divided chocolate box comes in handy when you’re quilling component pieces like snowflakes. It’s shallow so it’s great to stack and label your work in progress. Best of all, it’s free!

CD Case for Quilling Storage

CD Cases for Quilled pieces

CD cases are great for storing quilling pieces that are too big for the divided chocolate boxes. They’re clear so you don’t have to guess what’s inside and they stack well. It’s not great for smaller pieces because they could fall out of the side area after you’ve removed the insert.

Stationery Box for Quilling Project Storage

Stationery Boxes for Large Quilled Projects

If you’re working on a large piece, stationery or filing boxes can be found at garage sales.

If you have ways of mailing or storing your quilling, please share your ideas with everyone in the comments below!

Friday, March 9, 2018

How to Find the Right and Wrong Sides of Quilling Paper

How to find the Right and Wrong Sides of Quilling Paper - Which is wrong?

How do you find the right and wrong sides of quilling paper? 

It's barely noticeable, but your fingers will feel the slight downward facing edge created when a guillotine blade cuts down across all the sheets.
Can you spot the right and wrong sides of the coils, sitting side by side? 

How to find the Right and Wrong Sides of Quilling Paper - Wrong Side

In my latest YouTube video, I show how to spot the edges simply by shining light on the coils.

How to find the Right and Wrong Sides of Quilling Paper - S Scroll

And after all the microscopic investigation, I'd like to ask you, “Does it matter?” 
My answer would be, “Only if it bothers you.” 
If you can’t see or feel it, then I would suggest you don’t worry about it. Most non-quillers are too busy enjoying the overall quilling piece. Besides, when you quill an S-scroll, you’re faced with both a right and wrong side, and there’s not much you can do about that.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Quilling Letter O Tutorial - Wreath

Quilling letter O tutorial

How to join two quilling strip ends when there is no corner

For me, the letter O is the hardest letter of the alphabet because there are no corners or straight sides to hide the join. In this tutorial video, I'll share my techniques for making seamless join.