Quilling “thanks” pattern

Earlier this year, I expressed my thanks to everyone who has ever given me encouragement, or helped my book process along. I had meant to give this thanks “quillography” pattern to you in return for all your support and the timing got a bit derailed with my Craftsy adventure – a happy diversion of course, but a delay in being able to give this to you sooner.

I'm so happy to tell you I've finally got the pattern files drawn out now! Each stage of every letter is illustrated step by step (wish I had the time to take photos too). Please bear in mind I haven't had anyone test these files yet at all, so if you notice anything a little off, please do email me at paperzeninfo (at) gmail.com.

All my e-newsletter subscribers will receive this quilling tutorial in PDF soon. To receive your free copy, simply subscribe and the welcome email will automatically give you a link to download it right away.

Craftsy classes are up to 50% off!

If you've been wanting to try a Craftsy classes but was on the fence, now might be a good time to spend a cozy afternoon having fun making. Craftsy is offering up to 50% off all their classes from today till Sunday (Oct 30 to Nov 1, 2015).

I designed my class to focus on cards that you can use for many different occasions and needs. This owl lesson comes with 3 different messages and a 4th one to customize for yourself. There is nothing more expressive than a message you're giving from your heart.

Quilling Spotted at Sugarfina

A friend of mine showed me a photo and asked if it was quilling. YES, the rolled rose is! But how are the rest made? Where is this place? Who made it? I had to find out and see it for myself.

My quest led me to Sugarfina, a gourmet candy shop within the new Nordstrom, Vancouver. This is their main wall. Isn’t it mesmerizing?

Here’s a side pony wall where more flowers can be studied up close.

Yes, I got up really close!

They are hung with finishing nails and wire. I wonder how the wire is attached to the flower? What kind of glue did they use? What kind of paper and why?

Here’s my hand to give you a sense of scale of these beauties.

And here is the artist’s signature - a subtle emboss on a single petal of every flower. The staff there said the flowers were shipped up from head office, so they didn't know who made them. After some sleuthing, I found the artist’s breathtaking work at, Balushka at http://www.balushka.com/

I'm seeing an increase in paper for branding and marketing — and I just love it! Has anyone else spotted more quilling used this way?

Our sweet visit lasted a little longer because we couldn’t resist bringing a treat home with us.

How to make a Tiger Stripe Paper Pumpkin

This is a Tiger Stripe pumpkin which I found irresistible at the store. It’s fun to set this variegated pumpkin against the standard orange.

It's also fun to make your own. Using any of my free 3D pumpkin patterns, you can easily cut this fanned pumpkin out of parchment card stock.

Use an orange felt maker or ink pad to color the edges.

Use an old toothbrush and mix up some orange paint – and flick away!

I'd love to see how yours turns out.

There are 3 pumpkin shapes to download: round, tall, and wide.