Jan 22, 2021

How to Make a Quilling Circle Template Board by Hand - 5 Easy DIY Ideas - Free PDF Pattern

My Circle Template Wish List

We quillers can buy circle templates from Quilled Creations, and dollar stores, but they all have pros and cons. So I designed my own DIY circle template with the following wish list:

  • 4-6 multiples of the same size circles 
  • diameter shown in both inches and millimetres
  • 10 increments between sizes from 3/16 to 1 inch (5 to 25 mm)
  • deep enough to prevent coils from springing out
  • solid template, so it doesn’t bounce around
  • ruler
  • length of quilling paper strip needed to fill the circle
The paper length is my favourite feature because now I just have to write one number down when I’m designing patterns. The paper length is only a suggested length, because it’s based on the conventional quilling paper I have in MY craft room. If you’re using thicker paper, a different tool, or if you want fuller or looser coils, then these lengths might not work for you. In that case, then simply scratch out my measurement, and write down your own.

Watch my tutorial showing how to make a Quilling Circlet Template:

How to Make a Quilling Circle Template Board

Step 1: Download my free PDF template 

Step 2: Print onto card stock

Step 3: Choose a method below

Quilling Circle Template

Method 1: 

Make circles out of quilling paper, using a crochet hook or any other item with the exact diameter needed to match the circle. Ensure your strip width is shallower than the coil you plan to place inside, so you can still pick up your coil again with tweezers.

Quilling Circle Template - Crochet Hook

Method 2: 

Nylon or metal flat washers are inexpensive items at a hardware store. Match up the inside circumference and glue them down with Scotch Quick-Dry Adhesive, ideal for gluing metal or plastic embellishments. I only dab a little glue to avoid it squishing out from the bottom. The depth of the washers seemed just right for 1/8” width quilling paper strips. I even stacked two nylon washers together for 1/4” width coils, and it seemed to hold.

Quilling Circle Template - Washers

Method 3: 

Mat board strips cut to 3/8 wide x 5 inch long fit in between each row perfectly. Glue down these “fences”, and allow your coils to expand between them.

Quilling Circle Template - Mat Board

Method 4: 

Adhesive foam squares from the dollar store placed on either side of a circle will also act as a fence to keep your coils contained. 

Quilling Circle Template - Foam

Method 5: 

Circle cutters such as NT Cutter or Olfa will cut a clean circle out of your card stock. To raise the template off your work surface, simply add mat board strips underneath.

Quilling Circle Template - Cutters

Although these 5 methods above will work, I will readily admit I prefer cutting my circle template with a Circuit Explore Air cutting machine. I plan to go into further detail in a future tutorial and video.

I hope you like my Quilling Circle Template Board – leave me a comment below and tell me what is your favourite template. If you have a way of making yours, please share your ideas with everyone in the comments below so we can all learn together.


  1. Hi, I love this idea. I cannot afford buying templates that one would need. Let allow find such template, where I live. Thank you for your free template and video tutorial. Just found you a few days ago.

    1. I'm happy my template and tutorial are helpful! Happy quilling to you!

  2. I’ve made templates with my Cricut and love them Cecilia, I also tell everybody where they can find this great source.