Jan 8, 2021

Quilling Phrases - Patterns for Letters and Floral Borders

Quilling Phrases - PDF E-Book Cover

Quilling Phrases - new PDF E-Book

I'm inspired by quotes. They remind me of what's really important in my life. So why not make quotes out of quilling paper?

With my new e-book, Quilling Phrases, you can type your own quote and start quilling your phrase. Decorate it with floral elements and give a customized gift to your loved ones.

Every element has been pre-measured. Simply place your quilling paper on top of the template, then follow my step-by-step tutorials.

Quilling Phrases - Best Things Project

How to start Quilling Phrases:

Step 1: Choose your phrase.

Step 2: Choose your layout. Type your phrase. Print.

Step 3: Trace the template.

Step 4: Start quilling letters following the pattern.

Step 5: Glue your letters.

Step 6: Shape and glue the floral elements.


➡️ Watch trailer: https://youtu.be/039DCCVvmyI


➡️ Download FREE Trial: https://bit.ly/3n22BrT


➡️ Buy the Book: Quilling Phrases


Quilling Phrases - Done Project

PDF E-book includes:

  • 40 pages total
  • 14 Editable Pages
  • Upper and Lowercase Letters A-Z
  • Period, Comma, Exclamation Mark, Question Mark
  • 3 Floral Designs

Quilling Phrases - Love Project

The making of this book took quite some time, as I had to learn so much new technology to create it. I hope you're inspired!

Quilling Phrases - Shaping

Download a free pattern for quilling the upper and lowercase letters A and a and give it a try!

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