Quilling Letters & Numbers

Quilling Letters, Monograms, Alphabet

Quilling Capital Letters

START with Outlining the Letter A
Try it now! Download the Letter A template and pattern for FREE

Quilling Letter A: Filling with Simple Scrolls

Quilling Letter B: How to Make Simple Roses
Download a free template

Quilling Letter C: How to Make a Gift Tag
Download a free template for the gift tag

Quilling Letter D E F: How to Make a Word (Connect Your Letters)

Quilling Letter G - How to Make Teardrop Shape and Confetti
Download a template

Quilling Letter H I - How to Make a Notecard - Quilling Tutorial
Download the free note card pattern and start quilling your own message!

Quilling Letter J - How to Make Background Color and Daisies - Quilling Tutorial

Quilling Letter K - How to Fill Negative Spaces - Quilling Tutorial
Download the template to make your own 6x6 inch "fence"

Quilling Letter L - How to Make Cut Coil Flowers - Quilling Tutorial
Download the FREE template here

Quilling Letter M N - How to Make Multi-Strips - Quilling Tutorial
Download the heart template and plus sign pattern to make your own

Quilling Letter O - How to make Wreath - Quilling Tutorial
Download the FREE template

Quilling Letter P - How to make Beehive - Quilling Tutorial
Download my free template for the Letter P

Quilling Letter Q - How to Make Vortex Coils and Crown Pattern - Quilling Tutorial
Download my free template to make the crown and jewels you see here.

Quilling Letter R – How to Make 3D Roses Tutorial
Download my free PDF template and follow along

Quilling Letter S – How to Make Stars Tutorial
Download the FREE Stars pattern

Quilling Letter T – How to Make Tulips Tutorial
Download my FREE tulip template pattern

Quilling Lowercase Letters

Quilling Lowercase Letters - 26 templates and patterns

Quilling Lowercase Letter a – How To Quill a Feather Tutorial

Download a FREE template and pattern for Lowercase Letter a

Watch how to outline the Lowercase Letter b

Watch how to outline the Lowercase Letter c

Quilling Numbers

13 Patterns and Templates for How to Quill Numbers and More

Download a FREE template and pattern for quilling the Number 1


  1. Do you sell your letter and number pattern books in hard copy?
    I really love your work.

    1. Hello there,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      I'm so glad you that question. I only supply my books in digital format because my project examples on YouTube show tracing on top of them, re-sizing them, cutting them up, etc, so I would be mortified if I ever did that to a real book. The file can be sent to a local printer such as Kinko's or Staples to print it out as many times as you need. I hope you'll still find it worthwhile to go to that effort.