Dec 20, 2017

Quilling Letters Tutorial - DEF (how to quill a name or word)

Quilling Letters DEF Tutorial Pattern PDF Book #quilling #typography #tutorial #paper #letters

The outlining of letters D, E, and F are somewhat covered by the tutorial techniques shown in my previous videos of A, B, and C. To ensure I don't waste your time repeating myself, this tutorial will show how to bring the letters together to form a word (even though DEF isn't quite a word, unless you're Def Leppard), the same way I did for the cover of my e-book, Quilling Letters. I'm sure you can expand upon what I'm showing to make any name or word, or even a phrase.

Quilling Letters Tutorial Pattern

After printing the outlined letters, use a pencil (and lots of eraser) to draw arcs on top of the template, connecting the letters to give the whole piece cohesiveness. The letters E and F only have straight sides, so I made sure to give them many swirls to soften them up a bit. Going outside the lines of the letters is fun too, and to me, it kind of says "quilling can't be contained!"

Quilling Letters Tutorial Pattern

Just as you've seen me soften the strips to follow the letter outlines, you can now follow your own drawn lines to use them as guides. My final pieces rarely look exactly like my drawing, because once the glued strip touches my surface, it's sometimes worse to pick it up and move on. If I feel the error is going to be very visible, I'll just leave it. However, if you have no choice but to UNDO a glued piece, I show just how to do that too.

In this video, I'll also show how to make the larger style leaves as well.

Quilling Letters Tutorial Pattern

My latest video shows how to outline and fill the letters DEF, giving you an example of how to connect the letters to form a word.

What kind of projects are you making? Are these tutorials helpful to you? What else do you want to see? Let me know in the comments below. 

Quilling Letters Template Pattern

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My new PDF e-book, Quilling Letters is available in my Etsy shop. Every side and curve of the 26 letters of the alphabet is pre-measured – just lay your strip on top of my patterns, score, snip, fold, and glue.

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