Lark Book: Quilled Name / Lettering "kate"

For those who have followed me from my previous blog, Crafting Creatures, you will have seen one of my most popular quilled items, a namesake piece for a special girl named "jade". I've made a similar project here for a "kate" to explain how I made it. Since I don't know a little kate, I will be selling this item in my Etsy shop.

I list the font and size used in my book, Pretty Quilled Cards, and of course include the patterns to make my open petal style flowers. The letters are raised from the teal-green background to give another plane of depth within the shadow box frame.

Sometimes when dealing with so many colors within a project, it helps to have another opinion. I felt like Goldilocks saying "this is too.. that is too...". The knowledgeable Tonya of Paper Poet helped me finally decide on the Stardream metallic background. If you ever need a selection of metallic papers or envelopes, her store has two walls full of color choices – bonus, she is also a letterpress print shop!


  1. this is so pretty and neat :) love it...


    1. Hello Hridya, thank you SO much for commenting - I'm pleased you like it!

  2. The Kate who ends up with this lovely piece in her room will be a lucky little girl!