Cheap Blades for Fiskars 12" Trimmer

I love my Fiskars Trimmer (the new version is so distracting!) and was tingling with anticipation while getting home to see if this discontinued brand Maped blades would fit. It's being discontinued at the DeSerres store on Main for just .99 cents (reg $13.49) – did I mention it's 2 blades per pack? Needless to say I'm a happy camper cause it fit and did the job. They have this edge (shown on bottom of left photo of packaging) and an even edged wave as well – the next on my shopping list now that I know it fits.

DeSerres: 1629 Main Street, Vancouver, Tel. : (604) 681-7351

Quilled Cupcakes

I still have to add the greetings on them, but right now I'm just enjoying "baking" them all. As for HOW did I make them??? Believe me, I'm kicking myself for not taking notes. I'm selling them at this weekend's mini craft fair to make more room for new flavors.