Aug 13, 2019

Tearing vs Cutting Quilling Strip Ends - Comparison and Tips

quilling tearing vs cutting strip ends

Tearing vs Cutting Quilling Strip Ends - Comparison and Tips

Is it better to tear or cut your quilling strip ends before you glue the end down? I've been asked that question many times, so I thought I'd share a video about it. 

My tutorial video shows you some close up photos, comparing the two results, so you can decide how you want to approach your quilling. I also share some tips on how to minimize the gap so it's less distracting, if you are indeed distracted by this small detail.

Tearing your strip does create more of a tapered end, making the seam less visible.

It's more noticeable with thicker paper, like Canson Mi-Teintes.
Can you spot which strip was torn vs cut?

I find the comparison very noticeable when gluing a strip in between two other strips.

Do you notice a difference between the two methods? Please share your experience or helpful tips in the comments below so we can all learn from you too!


  1. As always, love the video! I prefer tearing for the reasons you showed. The edge melts into the joint. I prefer cutting for the inside of the coil. Makes for a crisper center.

    Besides, tearing off a strip quickly vs grabbing scissors and cutting leaves for more time for twirling! Every second counts when you are working in hours. haha.

    1. Hey Lisa, thanks so much for your feedback and observations! YES! All our movements all up, and although it takes patience to do what we do, I'm still impatient to be done my projects. LOL! So glad to hear we are birds of the same feather!