Quilling Letter J with a Color Background

how to quilling letters tutorial pattern

Ever wonder how to fill a quilled letter with color? I first did it many years ago for the Letter E, but didn't take good photos of the process because I was still trying to figure things out. Watch the video and you'll see just how easy it is with the letter J.

how to quilling letters tutorial pattern

I also show how to make "paper pollen", giving your flowers a realistic element that will make your loved ones believe you went out and harvested pollen from real flowers.

It's so fast to make these simple flowers from dollar store die punches - there's no reason to buy a card for Mother's Day or your best friend's birthday when it's so easy to make a statement like this. Watch the YouTube video here: https://youtu.be/E7LC6sQRcyg


My new PDF e-book, Quilling Letters is available in my Etsy shop. Every side and curve of the 26 letters of the alphabet is pre-measured – just lay your strip on top of my patterns, score, snip, fold, and glue.


  1. It's mesmerizing to watch your videos! Thanks for showing how you do your letters; they look so perfect. Building them up with a few layers to create thickness is brilliant.

    1. Aw thanks so much Ann! That means so much to me! Yup, I always prefer to do things the easy way! :D