Tutorial - How to Re-stick a Cutting Mat

how to make cutting mat sticky again

I've had a collection of dying, dead, and really dead cutting mats in my drawers ever since I bought my first electric cutting machine, a Silhouette SD.  They have been waiting there all these years for a resurrection because I loathe trashing plastic and knew I'd find a method of re-applying an adhesive that I'd like some day, and that day is here.

I have tried using 2-way Zig glue, but found residue on my paper, even after it had dried for days. I tried using large sheets of double-sided adhesive (courtesy of a local signage store who was throwing it out), but I would inevitably cut through that layer and would end up having to peel it off my own cut pieces. A friend showed me a video of someone diluting Aleene's Tack It Over and Over Again with water and brushing it onto her mat.

I decided it give it a try, but without dilution nor a brush. I wanted to smear the glue, just like I always do when I'm quilling. I was so pleased to see it work so well! I was able to re-use my mats and no adhesive came away with my paper. The adhesive is smooth and grips card stock almost too well.

how to make cutting mat sticky again

On my first attempt, I didn't realize the thickness of the masking tape would end up yielding a much thicker area than the middle. It ended up gripping my card stock so strongly that I left pulp behind. With the photo above, you can see the reflection of where the build up of adhesive is, near the tape. In my video, I have deliberately scraped harder so it has much less strength. It still grips card stock very well, but now it doesn't separate the fibers – love it!

After filming, I had some dried glue on my fingers. I happened to have some rubbing alcohol on hand, and found it to be as effective as the Goo Gone I've seen others use.

If you give it a try, I'd love to hear about it. Please do leave a comment and let others learn from your experience too!


  1. Thanks for the tip Cecelia ! I'll give it a try when my other bottle of glue will be finished.
    Oh, and I'm proud to announce that my new website is online !! (it's in french but I hope you'll enjoy the photos)

    1. Hello Séverine, I'm glad this tip is useful to you. Thank you for your great link - what wonderful news that your much anticipated website is up :D. Congratulations! I love the clean and modern look of it.

    2. Thanks for your visit Cecelia !

  2. Your video was enjoyable and informative to watch (and I don't even have a cutting mat). :)