How to make a Paper Sunflower

My neighbor was just about to chop down his first sunflower plant last year, when I asked him why he wasn't saving it for the seeds. He was surprised when I showed him where they were hiding. He gave me a bag after they were dried, but actually they were kind of too small to bother eating. I thought it would be intriguing to make a paper sunflower from those seeds.

Thank You Card for a Nurse

I needed to make another thank you for card for a nurse again, but felt the need for a change from the ones I've quilled in the past (1 and 2). So instead I used my much neglected die cutter to cut one that I could shape and sculpt instead.

Pretty Quilled Cards - 1st Anniversary

One year ago, my book was officially released.

To make that happen, I was inspired by all the kind comments on this blog, which I re-read whenever I needed a boost.

I was given the free hours to write, test, and develop patterns by my hubby, who also had to console me when things didn't work out the way I imagined. I had three awesome quillers by my side, testing and giving feedback along the way. I had friends and family helping and cheering me on as I developed each design or sorted out technical challenges.

After it launched, I had the gracious help of amazing quillers provide reviews. They gave me their precious time and provided their perspective in book reviews. I sweated bullets, wondering how my thoughts and techniques would fare, as I had admired each of them for quite some time.

When I think about this past year and everything that has happened, one word that sums up how I feel is "thanks". I'm so grateful to everyone who helped make the planets line up for me, from my editor who saw my potential to paper enthusiasts all over the world. I'm grateful my friends and family put up with my paper fever and nod along as I prattled on with my passion.

To celebrate this anniversary, I thought I would quill a card to you all, to give you my thanks.

I'm very aware that I haven't been blogging in the last few months. I don't normally talk about personal things on this blog, but feel a need to explain why I've been so quiet lately. I recently changed to a more demanding job and I am also devoting time to a loved one who is ill. My mind has been very preoccupied and it doesn't feel the quiet space it needs to allow papery-goodness to flourish.

To thank all my supporters for the above, my plan is to make this simple word into a tutorial pattern. It would be the same as the others - with templates to show the length, where to glue, and step-by-step photos and tips along the way. I've been making this word again and again, trying different materials and thicknesses until I know what works best.

I look forward to talking about it more when it's ready, and I thank you in advance for your patience as I find the zen to amass all the details.