Bee Party Favor Gift Box (SVG, PDF files)

I've been a busy bee, making the latest creature in my party favor box collection, based on my first Ladybug.

His stripes are all held together with just two brads on the side.

My favorite part is how the vellum wings stick up all on their own.

As with all the boxes in this series, the bee is a good fit in my palm. He's now available in my Etsy shop.

Jack O' Lantern Pumpkin Party Favor Box

Who has their carving tools ready? It's still a bit early to start digging in for Halloween, but this Jack O' Lantern doesn't need any gutting.

His perky stem comes with spiralling vines for extra fun.

There are three friendly faces to choose from, and when cut from yellow paper, appear to have an inner candlelit glow.

The pumpkin itself offers a decent size for ghoulish treats. It's easily cut from just two sheets of 8.5"x11" in green and orange, attached simply by two orange brads. So fun to assemble with little ones. It's now available in my shop.

Snail Party Favor Gift Box

I'm having way too much fun with these box ideas right now - I can't seem to stop the ideas. Here's my latest, a snail box, complete with slime trail too!

This idea came to me when I bought my first ever box of brads by Recollections, called Metallic Mini Circles. The gold one came tumbling out and boom! I thought of shells.

Even though I rounded the antennae up for the ladybug box, I found it didn't really add much nuance to the box. In the case of the snail though, the added googly eyes really makes it!

I really wanted to capture the spiral of a snail's shell. It seems so simple and obvious that all it took was inserting the brad into each flap – quite fun to make them come together.

And one last detail that just could not be overlooked - a trail of slime, made of clear plastic.

It's a good hand size for storing treats for your guests. The Snail Box is now listed in my Etsy shop.

Turtle Party Favor Gift Box

After making the ladybug box, it just seemed logical to make this turtle box, complete with accented mole. I think my nephews would prefer making this guy, as the ladybug is likely too girly for them.