Monday, October 18, 2010

Birthday Cards in Vinyl

Saving these scraps of vinyl from the landfill gives me a total thrill because something so nice can be made from nothingness – kind of like a MacGyverism. Still learning which fine lines don’t cut well on vinyl. I was shocked brushed metal (kind of like heavy duty aluminum foil sticker material) is offered in vinyl and couldn’t wait to use it on the blue card – it just made it!
I used Adobe Illustrator to layout the elements, and Sillhouette/Craft Robo to cut vinyl, then manually aligned as straight as possible. The vector illustrations are free and found via these links: Lovely Flowers / Happy Space Pack


  1. OMG... This has given me a great idea for making my own vinyl-type outline stickers like the ones I've bought (and hoarded). I can just use my Silhouette, for pete's sake!

    I know what you mean about making something useful out of scraps/nothingness. I do it with paper, with yarn, with food, you name it. Waste drives me nuts!

    1. LOL, yes Keeral, break out that vinyl! I just re-read my post and realized I forgot to mention I contacted local sign shops who discard vinyl scraps daily when it's too small for their commercial machines to use. They are PERFECT for us crafters! They were only too happy to let me take away their garbage bags full of different colors and patterns, rather than have it sit in the landfill. I'd love to see what you make one day!