May 16, 2020

DIY Memorydex Box (no chipboard required) - SVG and PDF Files

Memorydex Box Pattern SVG PDF

How to Make a Memorydex Box (no chipboard required)

Have you ever heard of a Memorydex? It was an idea started by Heidi Swapp – it’s like a Rolodex meets your craft room. The Rolodex used to index business cards, and now this system is being used to organize notes, reminders, recipes, a gratitude journal, or even a travel diary. Scrapbookers are really enjoying cherishing their everyday moments in this format right now. 

Memorydex Box and Index Cards

I've designed 3 different sizes with both straight and scalloped edges.

4.25 width x 4.25 length x 1.75 high

4.25 width x 5 length x 1.75 high

4.25 width x 6 length x 1.75 high

Any of my boxes can be made from just two sheets of 8.5x11 inch card stock. This means you can print a digital pattern and make it match your index cards.

Memorydex Box Birthday Index Card SVG

A “mini” memorydex box lets you keep specific topics together so you can sort them easily.

And since the page size we’re cutting is 8.5x11, you can custom print a digital pattern if you want, instead of a pre-printed pattern. 

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Memorydex Box Seeds Envelope SVG

As a gardener, I often trade seeds with others. I can never remember all the details, so now I have a place to store them. My envelope won't let any seeds fall out of the holes at the bottom because the flap comes up, then back down, sealing them in.

This is a free printable pattern I used for one of my boxes, shown in the video:

Thank you to Robin for introducing me to this ingenious box idea!

Mini Memorydex Box (SVG and PDF Files) Available in my shop:

Watch the assembly video here:


  1. Hello, I found your blog when I was searching for paper quilling info. I was feeling bored so I bought a small kit. You have been so generous with information. I wanted to say "THANK YOU!" May your kindness and generosity be exponentially returned to you.

    1. You are so sweet Mara! Thank YOU for giving me a huge smile and more energy to keep up with my tutorials. You really do make a difference when you leave such kind comments and letting me know how my work has an impact - thank you!!!