Sep 7, 2015

My Quilling Inspiration

Do you have a bucket list? I was very young when I dreamed of one day writing a craft book. After achieving that, I didn't realize I ought to update that list and add more items to reach and strive for. Although I know I want to create a new career surrounded by paper, I don't quite know what that could look like. I didn't realize I could push myself up and reach for something like being a Craftsy Instructor (coming out later this month).

So I'm incredibly grateful to everyone who has commented and told me how my work inspired them. It's because of YOU that I kept making new things or showing ideas that went outside the box and came under Craftsy's radar. Your feedback kept me going all these years to reach this new highlight.

Today I want to share my thoughts of how it all began. My first quilling book was Twirled Paper by Klutz, and it's still the one I recommend when you want to start quilling because it comes with the tool, paper, glue, and so many great ideas for all ages including boys and girls (and adults).

This is the first birthday card I quilled in 2006 based on the Twirled paper book. I've come so far!

Then I came across the store, La Vie En Rose, at the mall and was struck at how beautiful their gates are. Sadly the photo (at top) is of the store closing, but you can see how much those metal bands look just like quilling. So I went home and made a birthday card for my mom. It's still on her fridge and she loved showing it off. After almost 10 years, things have come full circle. This gesture of love for my mom was chosen to be a focus of 1 of the 7 classes I teach on Craftsy (example shown below). I had no idea at the time I made this, where it would lead. If you have similar aspirations, then just know it CAN happen!

Never heard of Craftsy? They offer online classes on crafts ranging from sewing to crocheting, jewelry to cake decorating, and even woodworking and photography. Last year I was the Winner of 2014 Craftsy Pattern Design Awards - Paper Crafts Category for my Snowflake grid pattern.

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