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A Paper Life by Cheryl

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Craft Ideas
Interested in the intricate art of paper quilling? Author Cecelia Louie shows you how to become a pro with step-by-step illustrations in actual size – just lay your quilled strips on top of the diagrams and cut and fold as indicated! Create dynamic, eye-catching cards, gift tags, place cards, cupcake toppers, and more. We loved the sweet Wedding Cake and Baby Shower carriage cards, the Framed Name in pretty florals, and the elegant Two Hearts Place Card. With so many lovely designs to choose from and such helpful step-out photos and instructions, quilling addiction is most likely guaranteed!

Craftypod by Diane

Create With Mom by Akheela

Cute Everything 

Daydreams by Suganthi

Don't Eat The Paste by Shala

Honey's Quilling by Honey

Inna's Creations by Inna

Kiddo's Blog by Irina

Make: a by Haley Pierson-Cox

MegaCrafty by Meg

MegaCrafty Quilled Cupcake Toppers by Meg

Mixed Media Artist

NatiQuill Blog by Natilde

Quilling by ManuK

Quilliance by Philippa

Quilling Me Softly by Pritesh

Quilling with Fun by Suzana

Paper Crave by Kristen

Under a Cherry Tree by Jin + Twins

Yarn and Fabrics by Karen

I'm grateful to the following for showcasing my work:

All Things Paper

Stylemotivation: Yin Yang Card

Chez Pixie: Yin Yang Card

Little Red Window: Pretty Flower Crafts


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