Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Quilling Supplies now Available in Vancouver!

DeSerres Quilling Supplies

I visited a local art supply store, DeSerres, over the weekend and was amazed to discover their recent addition of quilling supplies! I remember their two aisles of scrapbook paper slowly dwindled to one, and then to just some basic Bazzil card stock. So to come upon a whole shelf dedicated to quilling supplies was such a pleasant surprise after years of not having many local suppliers in Vancouver, Canada.

When I inspected the offerings, I was intrigued to learn they are from Karen Marie, Denmark. Their sole quilling tool is slotted and made entirely of plastic. The strip ends are not glued together, and are in metric (mm) measurements, so I'd hesitate to mix it with my current North American stash.

They also offer quilling combs, boards, templates, kits, and a variety of strip assortments. I didn't buy anything, as I already have enough at the moment, so I don't know about the quality of the paper personally.

Google Trends Quilling vs Scrapbooking

When I asked the cashier what brought about the new quilling section, she replied that they had always had a core group asking for quilling supplies, and brought it in when the demand started increasing lately.

Scrapbooking has had a long love affair by crafters, so I was surprised when I compared quilling and scrapbooking using Google Trends, and learned quilling was a higher searched term.

So “onward and upwards” quillers!!!


  1. Glad to see you discovered DeSerres which is a Quebec based company. I was surprised to find out they had stores in the rest of Canada. I bought my first quilling paper from there along with the tool some 10 years ago. You can find them on-line too ! Their store is full of good stuff and if you are ever in Montreal, you can find them in Place Montreal Trust!

    1. That's great we all get to share more supplies across the country. I bet your quilling tools still work just as well today as the day you bought them. I'll keep Place Montreal Trust in my files for the future - thanks for the tip, crafty grandma!

  2. Karen Marie Klips quilling paper is very nice. Don't hesitate to try it!

    1. Thanks for giving me a thumbs up on her paper Grandma Charmayne! I'll keep it in mind! :D