Sep 28, 2014

Ladybug Party Favor Gift Box

I'm so excited to show you my latest party favor box design, an adorable ladybug!

The body is cut from a single sheet of black cardstock and after gluing, forms a dome. The wings are cut from a sheet of red cardstock and are so easy to put together. The iconic black dots are made with brads, which also serve to sculpt the wings.

After the wings are glued to the body, it automatically lifts a bit in the back, appearing as if ready to take flight!

Goodies can be stashed inside, accessed from the bottom. As you can see, there are two panels here to provide strength and rigidity. The size is 2.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 inches (octogonal) and fits comfortably in my hand. The digital download is available now in my Etsy shop.