Orchid Background Embossed with Big Shot

I was making an orchid for a 60th birthday card and was cutting 84lb Cover Starwhite Flash Pearl with the Silhouette SD. Normally I'd cut something thinner to make it easier on my machine, but I didn't have a lighter weight paper on hand that matched.

Due to the thickness, I set it to cut 3 times at full strength. It cut nicely enough until it snagged somewhere and then all the remaining cuts were off, ruining my design and card stock.

So I tried again, this time with 2 cuts at full strength. It didn't snag or misalign, but this time it didn't cut all the way. So for the entire design I had to manual cut the remaining fibers and at times my patience ran out and I yanked the bit out, leaving little torn bits behind. Looking at it with my Type A personality meant I wasn't happy with the bits. But which do I try again?

My friend recently bought a Big Shot and it came to my rescue! I used the same sheet I had just manually weeded and cranked it through, bits and all.

Seconds later a beautifully embossed texture has appeared on the front of my card without any bits hanging around, making the subtle backdrop I wanted, without all the drama.

So, how many more sleeps until Christmas...

The orchid and leaves are made of Stardream paper. I dotted the deep purple paper with a gold ink pen.


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    1. Aw, thanks so much Jan - you've made my day! :D

  2. It's... it's... Wow! It's absolutely perfect!

    I love embossed background. I love pearl paper. I love this orchid - it looks so real.

    And I agree: Big Shot is really helpful.

    1. LOL love your reaction, The Quilling Time - thanks so much! Yes, I've realized I need to purge stuff in my craft room to make more space...