3D Owl Party Favor Treat Box

Peek-a-boo! Here is a 3D version of my owl box, suitable for digital die cutters.

Ever since I made my first ATC, I've been wanting to make a practical, useful version.

I usually cut the pupil and iris out of card stock, then the lashes from paper. This makes it easy to fluff up the lashes against a stiff circle. For this example I chose to cut the iris and reflective shine from vinyl.

If you have difficulty lining up vinyl, here's what I do. After weeding out the unwanted vinyl, I peel back the wax and cut some off, leaving part of the adhesive exposed. I hold the vinyl (waxed area) and paper against the light. This lets you see all the layers to center the circles. Once you like the placement, press the sticky area and remove the remaining wax - and voilĂ , centered circles!

My 3D owl box is now available in my shop. Hope you have a hoot making these!