Free Pillow Box Template for Protecting Quilling Cards

Protect Your Quilled Cards with a Cushion of Air

quilling pillow box free template tutorial how to protect

Do you want to shield your precious quilling as you hand deliver a greeting card? Then I have a simple solution for you!

In the past, I've simply used an extra large envelope, letting the excess size accommodate the bulk of the quilling strips. The bulge was not great, but it got the job done fast. I did worry about squishing more fragile quilling designs though, because obviously the envelope is touching my quilling as it's going in and out.

I've also purchased sturdy boxes designed for jewelry to offer great protection for mailing. You can watch the video I made about it here. It was certainly more expensive to buy those boxes, and I'd do it for a special occasion like a wedding or for mailing; but I had to buy several of them at a time from a store that I don't visit often, which meant they sat in my closet, taking up storage space.

quilling pillow box free template tutorial how to protect

So imagine having a quick envelope on hand that completely surrounds your quilling with a puff of air! I'm talking about a simple pillow box, which looks just as it sounds. It has minimal gluing and tabs, making assembly quick and easy. The curved side flaps automatically force the paper away from your quilling, making sure nothing is touching your quilling.

Since I'm making a series of smaller cards showing how to quill Lowercase Letters, this is the perfect time to introduce this free template to you for your projects. This template is customized to fit a 4.25 x 5.5 inch card, which is exactly a quarter of a letter-size sheet of card stock.

Watch my YouTube Video or follow these directions:

  1. Download the template:
    a) PDF file for hand cutting or
    b) SVG file for electric cutting machine (Cricut Explore or Silhouette with applicable software).
  2. Score along the dotted lines. If you're cutting by hand, you can use a dried up pen or scoring tool.
  3. Cut along the solid lines.
  4. Always pre-fold your scores lines to make it easier on yourself later.
  5. Apply glue along the tab, and glue the pillow box together.
  6. Fold down one side (it doesn't matter which one you do first).
  7. Insert your 4.25 x 5.5 inch card and fold the other side down. All the flaps are notched so it's easy to open.


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