How to Mail Quilling and Other Box Storage Ideas

How to Mail Quilled Cards

How to mail quilled cards

That's a question I get quite often. The very nature of quilling means we want to protect it from any rough handling, so how do you present or mail it to someone without ruining all your hard work?

Hand Delivering Quilled Cards

If I’m giving my card in person, I use a stiff jewelry box (affiliate link):

Mailing Quilling Box

Mailing Quilled Cards

The postal service is notably rough on packages. So I surround my jewelry box with crumpled paper, and put it inside a corrugated box. This way it has protection from conveyor belts, dropping, and other types of rough handling.

Divided Chocolate Box for Quilling Snowflakes

Divided Boxes for Quilling Components (ex. Snowflakes)

I save chocolate boxes because they have divided sections, and the cardboard is very stiff. A divided chocolate box comes in handy when you’re quilling component pieces like snowflakes. It’s shallow so it’s great to stack and label your work in progress. Best of all, it’s free!

CD Case for Quilling Storage

CD Cases for Quilled pieces

CD cases are great for storing quilling pieces that are too big for the divided chocolate boxes. They’re clear so you don’t have to guess what’s inside and they stack well. It’s not great for smaller pieces because they could fall out of the side area after you’ve removed the insert.

Stationery Box for Quilling Project Storage

Stationery Boxes for Large Quilled Projects

If you’re working on a large piece, stationery or filing boxes can be found at garage sales.

If you have ways of mailing or storing your quilling, please share your ideas with everyone in the comments below!


  1. Love your tip of the CD case, so clever !

    1. So glad my tip sparked some inspiration for you Séverine!

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