Friday, February 9, 2018

Quilling Letter L - Cut Coil Flowers

Quilling Letter L Cut Coil Flowers Tutorial

A friend and I were beading necklaces one day and she suggested I arrange the beads randomly. For my organized brain, that sounded like blasphemy, but I gave it a try and happily realized it was perfectly imperfect. Since then I've embraced randomness wherever I can.

My latest video shows a technique that I call "Cut Coil Flowers", because they are formed by cutting a coil apart. The resulting petals vary in size, resulting in random flower petals. They are surprisingly fast to make.

Quilling Letter L Cut Coil Flowers Template

Even though the letter L was enlarged 150%, it still allowed for a large showy area on my 6x6 card. 
Download the template here.


My new PDF e-book, Quilling Letters is available in my Etsy shop. Every side and curve of the 26 letters of the alphabet is pre-measured – just lay your strip on top of my patterns, score, snip, fold, and glue.

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