Quilling Paper Jewelry - Bubbles Pendant

Quilling Paper Jewelry

I wanted to make a gift and thought Ann Martin's Blue Bubbles pendant project from her book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, struck the right chord – playful sophisticated minimalism!

The person I am giving it to admires teal and green, so I paired those two colors with metallic silver.

Quilling Paper Jewelry

I changed up some of the dimensions to suit my needs and as I made the smallest tight circles with the metallic silver paper, I was dismayed I couldn't achieve the same metallic shimmer that Ann creates using proper silver edge quilling paper. 

Although I flattened my tight coils as much as I could, I could still see the rings, and I found it distracting. So I simply hole punched the same metallic sheet of paper, and glued it on top. Not only did it hide the rings and innermost bellybutton hole, I found it showed off more shimmer from the paper naturally. 

I hope she'll like it!

Update: she was surprised by her Christmas gift, a necklace made specifically for her!


  1. Your pendant looks so pretty, Cecelia, and I love your idea for covering the silver coils!

    1. Thanks so much Ann! Your book has really been an inspiration in making gifts tailored to my girlfriends! <3