Quilling Letters 102 - Part 1

quilling paper letter

I started quilling a typography project around November 2016, starting with the letter "f".

Quilling Paper Peacock Earrings

quilling paper peacock earring jewelry

Ever since Honey of Honey's Quilling blogged about Paper Peacock Jewelry around the world, it's been on the back of my mind to make a pair for a friend who loves peacocks. 

Quilling Paper Teardrop Earrings and Book Review of "The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry" by Ann Martin

Quilling Paper Jewelry Earrings

For years, I've been tempted to make paper jewelry, but for some reason haven't taken the leap. Then along came Ann Martin's book, The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, and BAM! You know what that's like right? For me, it's a weakness behind the knees and an impatient twitch of the fingers. Although I don't wear earrings, I know a few people who do, and immediately embarked on a new adventure in paper.

Quilling Paper at the Night Market

Quilling Paper How to Glue

While visiting the Richmond Night Market this year, I was shocked in my tracks to see a package of quilling strips.

After surprise, my next reaction was dismay at seeing the image on the front - a blatant copy of Usokei's (formerly Iron Maiden) original and inspiring beauty. You'd think anyone who was selling product could at least make something original.