2 Minute Christmas Tree Place Cards

Whoever coined the phrase "All is Calm" for this time of year must have been retired. With all the busy things to get done, I still wish my table could look a bit more "Martha Stewart-ish". Who has time to bake goodies, shop, wrap, cook, AND put out a hand-made place card?

So I came up with this 2 minute place card that was made from the left over card stock from another project, in the shape of a Christmas Tree.


  • 2 strips of green card stock, 11" long x .5" wide
  • silver card stock
  • star hole punch
  • white ink pad
  • white pen
  • toothpick
  • slotted quilling tool

  1. Overlap the two green strips and glue together to make a strip that is about 21.5" long.
  2. Run the white ink pad along one edge (this will be the top of the tree).
  3. Write your guest's name on one end.
  4. Insert the opposite end into your slotted quilling tool, and start coiling.
  5. Quillers know to "push" the coil off the tool, but in this case, please "pull" it off the tool and deliberately make a tornado.
  6. Punch 2 silver stars and glue them back to back, sandwiching the toothpick in between.
  7. Glue the toothpick to the innermost coil of the tree and snip off the excess.
  8. Your table is ready to set!

Hope you enjoy making this quick hand made decoration. There's plenty more to learn to make with Crafty's online classes. Share the excitement of learning something new with the ones you love. Craftsy classes up to 50% off until Dec 26, 2015!


  1. Cute idea, Cecelia; Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Ann! Merry Christmas and a Happy Crafty New Year to you!

  2. Replies
    1. Happy to hear you like it Pily, thanks! Merry Christmas and a Happy Crafty New Year to you!