Book Review: Paper Play by Shannon E. Miller

I've been asked to do my first book review! Shannon Miller is a DIY designer/writer and since her book is about paper, of course I was itching to play.

This 160 page book is jam packed with 40+ paper projects, perfect for a beginner to explore different ways of using paper. The projects are broken up into 7 sections (Fold, Cut, Sculpt, Quill, Stitch, Draw & Paint, and Collage). The step-by-step photos are well lit with great close ups. It can be a daunting world for a beginner to paper crafts, and this book is a great way to learn about the myriad of possibilities.

The tools are clearly listed and don't require much investment to get started. Most of the projects shown can be made in an afternoon and offer many ways to create projects ranging from cards to wreaths to jewelry.

Each project starts off with a list of materials, followed by step-by-step photos and directions, making every example achievable.

Here is a fun wreath created simply by zigzag folding the pieces. I like that she shows an atypical example of red so one can imagine using a wreath throughout the year, not just Christmas.

Since I have an affinity for quilling, this section obviously appealed to me. I like her example of using corrugated cardboard to create fern leaves, so one can see you don't have to have to standard quilling supplies to get a taste of how fun coils can be.

I've never been a button fanatic, but this project has possibilities. I can imagine making it out of red for Valentine's Day or even in the shape of an elephant. I like the mixture of materials here.

Here's another example of how Shannon replaces the usual materials, using paper instead of fabric to create an embroidered card. Hats off to her for creating a fun intro to how many ways one can play with paper!


  1. Such cute ideas and wow, I love the effectiveness of the rolled fern design!

    1. Quite fun to see variations like that isn't it Ann?