Quilled Poppy in Progress (2)

I have now filled in a large portion of a petal. Leaving your chair to rest your back and hands is a good practice to do every hour. Leaving your work a full day helps you view it in new eyes. When I now look at the lines, I wish I had made my lines a bit more wrinkly. I think it won't matter overall when I'm done, but I think the crinkly bits makes it more fluid and realistic, less rigid – you can see I've done that as I worked my way outward.

I hand cut all the ends because I think the tapered trimming makes it look lighter in those areas. To be efficient and save glue, I amass a few strips at a time until it starts to get confusing, then glue at one time.

Although I cut my strips 1/8" with my Silhouette die cutter, I deliberately hand trimmed some to be less in height to make it appear to be fading into the light.

Here's a close up to show how the 3 shades are working with one another. I'll go into my paper and custom cutting in another post.

For the strips that touch the outline, I dip the length in glue, then turn it on its side to dip the short end at the same time. This way I adhere it to my surface and my outline at the same time. Tweezers are a good thing here.

Uh oh! Do you see what I see? One end didn't get pressed while the glue was wet and now it's loosey-goosey. Since I had some comments about my gluing techniques, in my next post I'll show how I fix problems like this - quite easy actually!


  1. You are such a good teacher Cecelia....I also like the the look of the tapered ends. LOVE the different shades of pink AND you are one smart cookie cutting your paper with your Silhouette die cutter...maybe I do need to get one.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! I'm happy to hear that! In this case, because my strips are so long, it benefits from using thicker paper. I wish a vender sold thicker quilling strips.

    2. a thicker paper would be awesome. Some of the quilled creations colours are a little thicker than LC like the brown and grape but I would like them all thicker to edge my monograms.


    3. I agree wholeheartedly! It makes a different look to our work and I find the strips easier to manage.