Lark Book: Quilled Valentine Card

Since the Valentine card is shown on the back cover of my book, Pretty Quilled Cards, I thought it would be timely to feature it in a post. This is a project I know all beginners will love because it's easy. In fact, I happen to know boys like making it for girls as much as vice versa.

I know when I started quilling cards as gifts, I got stuck figuring out where/how to glue it. So this flip design is included in the book (there are a few sprinkled throughout the book). Simply photocopy the design, score, cut where indicated, and voilĂ  – the perfect background for a memorable Valentine's card.

Each week when I visit Amazon, I discover they unveiled something new in my book – is this a deliberate sneak peek, building up to the day? Since I never anticipated a book this way, I've never taken note. Now I've learned they are showing a few pages inside! You can finally see what I mean about how the lengths and fold marks are shown rather than stated. This means all you have to do is lay your strip on top and cut/fold where indicated.

Every strip is labelled so you can find it in the template easily. The quantity of each strip is also stated so you can cut as many as needed, efficiently. Each project includes an actual size template, which can be photocopied and placed under a sheet of plastic wrap to be pinned on. I remember reading once that Martha Stewart's recipes were always stated in the order they were needed/used. I kept that in mind as I listed the elements and tested each design.

When deciding card themes, my editor and I were conscious of celebrations throughout the year as well as cards for other occasions like "congratulations on a new house", a "get well soon", or a simple "thank you". Besides listing each project, the Table of Contents page also has an indication of skill level (1-5) so you choose based on your comfort zone.

Since showing my advanced copy to friends and family, I think the most flattering thing I've heard so far (from a non-quiller) is that my step-by-step diagrams and photos make it seem like they can do it too!

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