Lark Book: Quilled Cherry Blossom

Although one shouldn't judge a book by its cover, in this case I think it's quite indicative of what you'll find in the book, Pretty Quilled Cards. Some of my friends and family have told me this is their favorite card and since Lark chose it for the cover, I thought I'd showcase this card first.

As quillers, we are used to gluing our designs on the paper's edge. However, I wanted to share ideas of how we can also glue our versatile strips flat. I think having a coordinated border defines the inner space and even has an Asian feel to it.

Since quilling takes us a while to finish, it's nice to have a card like this ready to use for any occasion. Adding smaller buds next to the full blossoms gives these branches a more detailed look. Did you notice there are actually two sizes of buds?

I really enjoyed using metallic card stock as my surface because it contrasted so well against the matte quilling strips. Pale pink can seem almost white against pale colors yet also get overpowered by darker colors. When I am searching for the perfect card stock, my studio turns upside down - kind of like a teenage girl trying on outfits for her first date. I like how the branches and deep pink pops, giving the eyes so much to look at.

Please know that this process is all new to me as well, so I don't know how or when things will be revealed. I have just re-visited Amazon and noticed they have now shown the back cover, which shows my cards for Valentine's Day, a bird/treehouse, a snowman, and Father's Day ties. Can you see a pattern on the Valentine's Day card? That pattern is supplied to you in this book for photocopying. There are lines to indicate where to cut and score, because that heart ends up flipping over as you pull left and right, revealing your message. I hope you'll enjoy how this book gives you easy paper crafting ideas as well as quilling.

Thank you all for your wonderful responses so far! I've been overwhelmed by your kind words!



  1. Cecelia,
    Congrats to you on becoming an author! This card is exquisite and since I STILL haven't tried quilling, I shall put your new book on my WANT list! Keep up the great work:)

    1. Thank you so much! I love hearing people are inspired to try quilling. My local library takes requests, so if you're not 100% sure you want to buy it, hopefully they'll take your request and then others can also discover this versatile paper craft!

  2. Love your cherry blossom card...Once again congrats for ur new book launch :)