Quilled Heart

This heart was made from all the left over pieces of snowflake components that didn't quite work out - hence all the paisley bits that didn't have a home. Rather than store the bits, I prefer to use them in a random project because I like throwing myself a curve ball.

Have to admit that I spent way too long trying to make it work though. Once I have a vision of how something MIGHT appear, I lose sight of how far I would have to go to make it happen. In any case, it was good to see it done. Then with a huge sigh of relief (or exasperation), I threw out the rest.

This is the first time I used 1/4" paper (rather than 1/8") for snowflakes, which I quite liked because I found it less finicky and stays straighter. I also tried 3/8" width, but didn't enjoy the wider surface somehow. I did use two 3/8" wide V-scrolls facing each other in the middle to make a heart that would be deeper than the scrolls around it just to see how it would look.

Curve balls and experiments - all part of life. Hope you're inspired to try something outside your normal.


  1. You do so much with your elegant scrolls. Using different size paper does give a sense of depth , may be I should try that sometime.

    1. Thanks Suganthi! It was fun to try something new. I'd love to see yours!

  2. Wow! I REALLY like this...........once again you have done FINE JOB.

  3. Beautifully done....even tho' it took you longer than you intended - soooooo worth the effort! TFS