Gingerbread Man Christmas Card

BEFORE: A happy gingerbread man.

AFTER: ouch!

He was cut from discarded chipboard paper from work. Both the front and back are cut from one  letter size sheet (8.5x11"). Isn't it great that chipboard looks just like gingerbread dough?

All the icing is cut from white vinyl. His hat is cut from red and white card stock and glued on top. The m&ms were attached with a hot glue gun. White glue didn't work at all because it melts the candy color instead.

I had the most fun with his surprised eyebrows. However, after I finished cutting and assembling, I realized his eyes would have been better if they looked to the right more, at the missing foot. Oh well, there's always next year.

To ensure the front was a full and complete man, with no folds cropping his limbs, the front and back are separate. They are joined just at the tips with a perforation inset .5" from the edge to allow the card to be opened.