Printable Owl Party Favor Box

Earlier this year I made an owl for a meet up group and enjoyed the enthusiasm that followed. I realize not everyone has a digital die cutter, so I kept it in the back of my mind to make a hand cuttable version that more could enjoy making themselves.

I love how a simple curve makes a classic pillow box puff out and knew I wanted to make that to form the ears, but wanted to make a flat bottom for stability. The stash can be accessed either from the top or bottom.

The simple wings gently curled, then glued to the shoulders and everything prints on a sheet of 8.5x11 inch 65lb card stock.

Of course, the ultimate party favor is one that is customizable. There's lots of space on the back for that and it'll show up purple and in this whimsical font.

I prefer using a dried up pen for scoring because I enjoy the precise ball bearing rolling along my surface, creating a fine line. I also prefer double-sided tape over glue because it's quick to set the tab, but I'll use the glue stick when adhering the wings so I can still adjust as I go.

I hope this printable owl gives you a hoot! You can find it my shop.

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