Printable Halloween Skeleton Coffin Party Favor Box

Two years ago I designed a coffin that folded together without glue (an homage to origami). I wanted it to be strong and am proud of how the friction fit lid will stay snug even when full of candy. However, the intricate design benefited from a digital die cutting machine's precision because I gave allowance for thick card stock.

Since then I've had requests for a hand cuttable version and I'm finally happy with this version. I really wanted to make a hinged lid so you'll only need to print 1 sheet per box. The coffin bottom has 3 sides with doubled over paper for rigidity. The lid has 2 tabs that lock into the bottom to prevent horrifying spillage.

It's fun to print it on different color stock and in this case I roughed up the toner to make it look worn and old on kraft card stock, but it also looks great on metallic silver.

This pattern is now available in my Etsy store. Wishing you a boo-tyful night!


  1. I just had to make these also and YEAH! So easy and they fold up so nicely. I pre-folded and assembled them and decided to not glue the ones I'm going to use for decoration so they will store flat and easy, they stay together so well!

    1. Yay! I'm so thrilled to hear it Mary! Thanks so much for your feedback :D