Bride Dress & Groom Tuxedo Party Favor Boxes (SVG, DXF, and PDF file formats)


My bride and groom boxes are on Etsy now! I had to slow down the horses until I finished adding photos of new bows I added to the brides. How can the guys be more decorative than the girls? They're held obediently in place with double-sided tape and guests won't have a problem accessing the treats because they can still open the box from the bottom. I hope I get to see my box designs decorating someone's party one day!

Bride Dress and Groom Tuxedo Party Favor Boxes

I have a sweet couple of boxes that are almost ready to launch. They took some time to figure out because I wanted to incorporate specific details. I thought I would share a bit of my process here.

I knew I wanted a fuller bridal gown, more ball-like rather than square, the stuff of little girls' dreams. So a hexagon shape was my base, and you can see the progression as the bodice took shape.

I wanted to offer two types of dresses, so chose a straight and crossed style. Having two to choose from means you can have bridesmaids for a shower.

For the guys, I sculpted broad shoulders from a tuxedo that assembles without glue. Again, two different styles - a Windsor knot tie (love that crimp) and a bow tie (not a shoelace method). I couldn't resist a matching hanky in the pocket. I love putting time into small details like this.

These aren't limited to wedding couples. I had quite a smirk on my face making Anastasia Steele's plum dress and Christian Grey's tie, perfect for a 50 Shades of Grey party.

Does this set of new boxes make you think of other occasions?

*** Update *** The boxes are now in my Etsy store ***

Printable Vintage Invitation for Birthday, Shower, or Retirement

It's no secret that I have a passion for both die cutting and quilling. What's better than finding ways to combine my two worlds? I'm being entranced by 3D quilling in the sense that the strips are not fully glued down along its edge entirely.

I like how the coils are left scrolling in mid air, casting soft shadows – don't they seem even lighter this way? As a quiller, I admit I have to hold myself back from finishing off the uplifted coils, but when I stand back, I really like how romantically playful they are. It might be too subtle, but I even gently rolled the edge of the ivory paper background to give even that flat surface some dimension. Somehow it reminds me of the romance between Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

For years, I've admired Victorian wood cut illustrations. It never ceased to amaze me how artists in those days conveyed light and shadows in line art because technology didn't allow for shades of grey. Today I can capture the shadows cast by my ribbon banner, sculpted out of matching yellow paper.

After photographing and adding text, I can now customize this piece (via my Etsy store) for anyone who would like to make a printable invitation, whether for a birthday, shower, or retirement party. Looking forward to hearing what you think!

Printable quilled thank you card and envelope

I'm so excited to introduce my new blog and paper direction! Paper Zen describes both how tranquil I feel when working with paper, and the enlightenment I hope my work gives others.

I'd like to thank all my previous readers of Crafting Creatures and any new ones who've found me here by giving you my quilled Thank You card. It's a printable PDF with score/cut marks to make a 6" x 4" card. It'll be for sale in my Etsy shop afterwards, so grab it while it's free.

I also designed a matching fillable envelope (simply type in the recipient's name). It has score marks and trimming outline as well.

I have always loved the retro look of banner ribbons, a vintage look that's come back in style big time. I used my Silhouette digital die cutter to cut the banner, then shaped it just so. A simple die punch made the flowers which I sculpted with a burnisher. The quilling is 3D, because I didn't glue it all down so it's more free flowing, casting soft shadows. Lastly I shot a photo of the layout, then added my text following the curve. I thought brides and grooms could also use this card to give their guests because yellow and grey seems to be quite a popular combination lately.

Until Aug 16, 2013, if you leave your email in a comment below, I'll send you a downloadable link for my printable card. If you have time, I'd be grateful for your thoughts on my new work, how it prints on your printer, or how the recipient enjoyed it – thanks!