Meylah: Best Handmade Item

How cool is this? I just started a new store on Meylah and they've showcased my "No Peeking Gift Boxes" on their Best Handmade Items of the Week!

I've loved being on Etsy, but Meylah offers immediate gratification - instant download, even for my cut files. I can be asleep and someone in France can start crafting right away. Check out their marketplace for other shops.

Quilling a Housewarming Card

Short and sweet, a card for someone's new home sweet home.
I love how quilling can say so much.

I love my Etsy store... but it doesn't allow immediate downloads - not ideal for different time zones.

I've since discovered Craftsy, a DIY craft site on steroids. You can showcase your finished projects, watch online crafting tutorials, and download templates/instructions (free and paid) on the spot. I am even able to upload all my free patterns so everything can be viewed in one area.

Currently Craftsy stores sell PDF files, so only my quilling patterns can be offered with immediate gratification. I'll keep looking for a cost effective solution to offer my digital die cut patterns, but until then, be prepared to lose hours exploring Craftsy - consider yourself warned.