Captain's Anchor Award

A group of ten have been planning a big event, and to lead them through all the details was a staunch captain. I was honored to be asked to quill an anchor trailing nine chain links – I’m a sucker for these unique, heartfelt thoughts of appreciation, something you’ll never find in a mall. They will sign their names above each link before being presented to her.

The distressed blue background paper was from the scrapbook section of Micheal’s and cut down from 12×12 to 8×10 to fit a standard picture frame. I first searched for images of anchors and used it to trace an outline, holding it in place with pins.

I’m a pack rat and I’m proud of it. Admitting it is the first step I hear. After flattening and cutting a used metallic gray envelope, I had more than enough strips of this perfect weight and color. My favorite part are the half loops (.5″ length) linking the full chains (1.375″) because of the depth and realism it gives.

The water is cut from the background paper. They matched of course, and since the back side was white, it represents white crests of waves. I love it when a plan comes together.


  1. Очень красиво получилось!

  2. Is this quill instruction in your book Cecilia?

    1. Hi Crystal, sorry, no it's not actually! Cheryl of A Paper Life has a great photo of my table of contents on her blog review of my book. If you click on the photo, you can read the enlarged version.