Lexi’s DIY Corrugated Cat Bed

9_FinishedBed 10_LexiBed
My cat Lexi didn’t like the bed I bought her, but prefers boxes or cloth shopping bags. So I made one from 1 sided corrugated cardboard, and now it’s fit for the Queen. I trailed some string through the middle hole to entice her and once her claws started being massaged, she forgot all about her prey.
Inner base thickness was based on width of my metal ruler. Then I doubled height for outer rim. I left a toilet paper tube in middle her to dig in.
2_GlueTrail 3_GlueSmear
The fabric was doubled so all edges are hidden underneath
and won’t come undone.
5_SectionsGluing 6_SectionsGlued
Snipped every 2-3″ so they could overlap along bottom.
7_MouseTail 8_LexiScratch

Martha DIY Wedding

Martha Stewart is accepting submissions for DIY handmade wedding day details until Sept 1, 2009.

I’ve kept our wedding party favours and still enjoy looking at it and remembering our day. Folding 365 paper stars as a gift for your loved one shows you think of them every day of the year. After printing an image of stars on vellum, we rolled them around empty toilet paper tubes, glued the edges, then crimped the tube ends in opposite directions. Filled with chocolate and stars, we thanked our guests for sharing our day.

I’m on Etsy now!

It may be blasé in a high-tech computer age to be listing on Etsy, but for me it was a huge step.

When I quill, I’ve made items without thinking about length of strip or where the elements will be – they take shape as I go and if it doesn’t feel right I reach for another strip. When I try to re-create something I enjoy and write down a pattern, the two sides of my brain conflict. To create instructions to make my flowers or lay them on a card has been quite a process – not to mention how to photograph my hands when both are glueing pieces together!

Anyway, I have been buoyed by friends and comments here on this blog to put instructions together. Thank you always for your encouragement!